Manitoba Repeater Society 2 Meter Swap and Shop Listings

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for four weeks, and can be re-listed for a further four weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday


Commercial 2 meter ground plane antenna, c/w short support pole, and wall bracket, military grade, 200.00
425 Barker and Williamson low pass filter, 20.00
Lab desk top 0 center volt meter 15.00
638 Electrovoice mike, like new condition, 150.00
619 Electrovoice mike, like new condition, 50.00
Both have base stands with PTT, and wired for Collins
Hustler 20 meter element 20.00
80 meter mobile antenna (possibly Webster), c/w mount, 75.00
MFJ1500 RTTY/CW computer interface, 50.00
2 only 27 MHz mobile antennas c/w NMO mounts 25.00 each
2 only Larsen 10 meter whips c/w NMO mount, 25.00 each
Local sales only
VE4PN – Dave – – 23/05/14*

RTR-2 DX Engineering receive antenna adaptor, c/w 160 meter high pass and 40 meter low pass filters, 325.00
MD-35 Mirage 2 meter/70 cm amplifier/preamplifier, 4 watts in, 35 watts out, 300.00
FL-3 Datong audio processor, (no DSP), 100.00
BHI dual in-line DSP audio processor, 175.00
CLR DSP West Mountain, earlier, no tone control model, 140.00
NIR-12 JPS DSP audio processor, 100.00
PM30UV Vectronics 140/220/440 SWR meter, 30/300 watts, c/w BNC-SO239 adaptors, lamp is out, 95.00
All units fully operational, except as noted, c/w documentation, include power plug with Anderson Power Poles, very good physical condition, prices include shipping anywhere in Canada. Local pickup is $20.00 less
VE4AMN – Greg – – 204-981-9690 – 23/05/14**

PT2000A Viewstar HF linear amplifier, 2 KW tubes are 2 3-500Z Eimac zero bias triodes, like new, original box, tubes are in separate box, packed in upright position, c/w manual, runs on 115/230 volts, 15/8 amps, factory set at 230 volts, 850.00 OBO
MFJ941E Versatuner II, 300 watts, c/w box, manual available on line, 150.00
VE5LTD – Bob – – 306-526-8009 (phone or text) 23/05/14**

60388 Belmoor 20 amp power supply, modified, 50.00
22-840 Radio Shack 1.75 amp power supply, not regulated, 10.00
FT-Meter LDG SWR meter for FT857D Yaesu transceiver, 35.00
MFJ281 speaker, 10.00
RS840 Comet mobile antenna base, 45.00
Unknown manufacturer mobile antenna base, 45.00
Z100 LDG antenna tuner, 125.00
HF mobile antenna, unknown manufacturer, 50.00
Prices negotiable, shipping extra, all tested and in good working order, unless noted
VE4HK – Dick – – 204-256-3143 – 23/06/04**

IC745 Icom c/w hand mike, manual, IC-PS15 power supply, all items in mint cosmetic condition, pre-amp on radio not working, 350.00
SB-220 Heathkit amplifier, c/w soft start, low voltage relay, 750.00 firm
IC751A Icom c/w PS-15 power supply, 400.00
ICP-240 Ameritron inrush current protection, never used, 175.00
VE4XR – George – – 23/05/21*

No Listings

2 Rolls of LDFA4-50A 1/2 inch Heliax cable, new, never used, 1 roll 24 ft, 1 roll 150 ft
DCI-146H 2 meter bandpass filter, new in box, 135.00
Reasonable offers accepted
VE4GTB – Gerry – – 23/05/28**

Big-Raz Alfa Spid azimuth/elevation rotator, c/w Rot2Prog controller. Currently set up for pipe mount, but seller is welding a pipe to plate mount, soon that will be included, 2000.00
Photos available upon request
VA7UO- Glen – – 778-348-3765 (prefers phone calls) – 23/06/04**

6 element 2 meter cubic quad antenna, c/w rotator and control box, no rotator cable, 130.00
VE4AAZ – Bill – – 204-233-2233 – 23/06/04**

5 element 2 meter beam, possibly Cushcraft, 100.00
VE4TM – Rod – – 23/05/28*


Popup mast, any height
2 meter/70 cm duplexer
VE4TM – Rod –  – l204-801-4225 – 23/05/28**

Dual band mobile radio, c/w power supply, approximate cost $300.00.
VA4LOL – Christopher – – 204-451-5422 – 23/05/28**

SP23 Icom external speaker
VE4ACE – Gerry – – 23/05/28*
Triple S Club

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