Manitoba Repeater Society 2 Meter Swap and Shop Listings

This page was last received on November 28th, 2023.

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for four weeks, and can be re-listed for a further four weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday

56 foot heavy duty Delhi tower, on the ground, 500.00
48 foot Delhi tower, no bolts, ready for transport, 250.00
Misc Delhi sections, looks like 48 ft total height, partial bolts, 200.00
Utica 650 6 meter transceiver, c/w V650 VFO, offers
TA33M Moseley WARC HF Yagi one owner, 550.00 OBO
TH11DX Hygain monster 11 element HF Yagi. On the ground, second owner, 1000.00
A506S Cushcraft 6 meter beam, on the ground, second owner, 300.00
All items located in Kenora, will transport to Winnipeg for gas money,
Pictures available on request,
VE3JJX– Andrew – – 807-466-2427 - 23/11/12**

FT817 Yaesu QRP portable transceiver, all band, all mode, wide receive, c/w 6 meter, 2 meter, 70 cm, antenna, DTMF mike, standard mike, automatic tuner original manual, power cord, 650.00 OBO
VE4VZ – Rolf – – 23/11/26*

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DMX48HD Delhi heavy duty 48 foot free standing tower, on the ground, no rust, 500.00
Pictures available on request
VE4OK – Greg – – 23/11/12**

 RoadPro 2.75 inch x 4.5 inch extension speaker, 10.00
MLA-30+ upgrade RX loop antenna 10.00
Promedia Klipsch PC speakers, 125.00
VE4FX – Steve – 23/11/26**

Additional 40 meter crystals for Bayou Jumper transceiver. Specifically frequencies between 7.000 and 7.150 MHz, preferably in FT243 holder
VE4GKS – Gerry – – 23/11/12**

Glen Martin style roof tower 6-8 feet tall
VE4OK – Greg – – 23/11/12**

RG62 or RG63 coaxial cable, any length
VE4WDZ – Wayne – 23/11/19**

Step attenuator, with at least 60 dB attenuation
VE4ACE – Gerry – – 23/12/03**
Triple S Club

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