Manitoba Repeater Society 2 Meter Swap and Shop Listings

This page was last received on January 18th, 2021.

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for four weeks, and can be re-listed for a further four weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday

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IC745 Icom, c/w built in power supply, hand mike, copy of manual, AC and DC power cords, no box, can also be powered by outboard power or battery, new RAM board installed with on volatile RAM that is not dependent on battery, will be well packaged for shipping, 450.00 including shipping within Canada
VE3KRV – Vlad – – 807-577-1551 – 21/01/17**


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R8 Cushcraft HF multiband vertical. covers 6-40 meters, 6 months old, 675.00
15-889 Archer base mount for masts up to 1.5 inches, new in box, 25.00
VE4AAZ – Bill – – 204-233-2233 – 20/12/27**

Fiber optic cable, indoor
Fiber optic cable, outdoor
multipair armoured cable,
RG6 cable, indoor
Various lengths, free, or giveaway for a donation
VE4WSC – – 21/01/03*

model 377 Eico audio generator sine and square wave generator, (came from NAIT) FREE,
VE4ESE – Don – – 204-381-4175 – 21/01/10*

YSK7800/7900 Yaesu separation kit, new in box, 40.00
YSK857/857D Yaesu separation kit, new in box, 60.00
VE4AHN – Kevin –  – 21/01/17*


back issues of QST magazine
VE4AK – Art – – 20/12/27**

2 only SS-64 Comm-Spec CTCSS boards
FRB757 Yaesu PTT relay box
MH36E8J Yaesu DTMF mike
VE4VZ – Rolf – – 21/01/10**

DX60B Heathkit AM/CW transmitter
VE5EE – Lyle – – 21/01/17**

SM220 Kenwood station monitor
VE4PN – Dave – – 204-482-7461 – 20/12/20*

28 microhenry (229-203 E.F. Johnson) or equivalent, roller inductor. Must have inductor, crank and turns indicator
VE4ESE – Don - – 204-381-4175 – 21/01/03*

IC706mkIIg Icom HF transceiver, with high serial number, or IC746pro Icom HF transceiver
VE4XR – George – – 21/01/03*

80-100 feet 8 conductor rotator cable, suitable for HAM IV rotator
VE4AAZ – Bill – – 21/01/03*

High power VHF/UHF dual band mobile, prefer c/w mobile mounting bracket, swap for 15 watt dual band mobiles c/w removeable faces, or cash
50 watt 2 meter/440 MHz amplifier for handheld
VE4PN – Dave – – 21/01/10*

CW keyer with 600 Hz audio tone, such as Winkeyer or MFJ407E, to borrow until end of February
VE4ABT – Bruce – – 21/01/17*
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