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FT107 Yaesu HF transceiver, c/w matching VFO and speaker, AC line cord, DC power cord, handheld mike, original service manual, VFO manual, c/w schematics, and service data, tested, working on CW and SSB, can be seen working, 400.00 OBO
DX160 Realistic shortwave receiver, working, c/w external speaker, good shortwave listening or AM broadcast,  90.00 OBO
VE4AKF – Tony – – 204-890-0577 (text) 24/04/07*

FT897D Icom HF-6 meters, VHF/UHF plus 60 meters, c/w hand mike, DC power cable, fused, original manual, 700.00, shipping extra
VE3KRV – Vlad – – 807-577-1551 – 24/04/14**

TR7A Drake HF transceiver, c/w matching PS7 power supply, both in excellent condition, AUX7 board installed, all original Drake filters, original Drake extension board for servicing, 7077 Drake desk mike, 1500.00
MN2700 Drake antenna tuner, mint condition, 500.00
TenTec Omni 6 Plus, c/w matching 961 TenTec speaker/power supply, original owner’s manual, 705 desk mike, all excellent condition, 1100.00
VE4XR – George – – 24/04/14**

TS440SAT Kenwood HF transceiver, c/w speaker and hand mike, 350.00 NOT WORKING!
VE4KU – Dave – – 204-471-9353 – 24/03/24*

ID51 Icom Plus 2, black, DSTAR, dual band plus version handheld, c/w box, programming cable (OPC-2350LU), antenna, charger, excellent condition, 450.00 or swap for FT5DR Yaesu, or similar APRS capable radio
VA4ADM – Pavel – – 204-510-6075 – 24/04/14*

RS20A Astron 20 amp power supply, 150.00
Iwatsu 50 MHz oscilloscope, 150.00
VE4ACE – Gerry – – 23/04/14**

Repeater enclosure 22 inches wide x 16 inches deep x 43 inches tall, 75.00
VE4ART – Art – – 24/04/07*

MC-43 Kenwood hand mike,
VE4ART – Art – – 24/04/07**

Windows 95 startup disc to purchase or borrow
2 only 14 volt incandescent or LED bulbs
VE4PN – Dave – – 24/03/31*

2 meter/70cm duplexer
Greg – – 24/03/31*

Pair of 813 valves, still in original red and black wartime Canadian Marconi/Radiotron boxes. Not necessary for valves to be working, as long as boxes are in good shape.
VE4DTD – David – – 24/03/31*

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