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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items will be listed for four weeks. They can be re-listed for a further four weeks upon request. Please e-mail me when you buy or sell something on this list, so I can keep it up to date.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday.

302C1 Collins directional wattmeter, 300.00
TS50 Kenwood HF transceiver, c/w hand mike, 600.00
KPS12 Kenwood power supply, 100.00
2 only SB610 Heathkit scopes, c/w manual, 175.00 each
IC25H Icom older high power 2 meter mobiles, 50.00 each
IC25A Icom older 2 meter mobile, 50.00
MFJ949D Versatuner, 125.00
EK-1 Brass Racer Vibroplex iambic keyer, 100.00
Larsen 5/8 magnet mount antenna, 60.00
1/4 wave magnet mount antenna, 30.00
GC-5 Icom world clock, 75.00
TH215 Kenwood handheld, 25.00
BC-7 Kenwood desk charger, 10.00
IC3PA Icom 3 amp power supply, 25.00
IC22A Icom crystal 2 meter mobile 25.00
KPS-12 Kenwood 10 amp power supply, 100.00
HD1410 Heathkit semi automatic keyer, 75.00
HM2141 Heathkit VHF dual SWR meter, 100.00
GD-1B Heathkit grid dip meter, c/w coils, 50.00
AM-1 Heathkit antenna impedance meter, 75.00
HM-1 Heathkit reflected power meter, (old), 25.00
HD-19 Heathkit phone patch (old), 10.00
HD-15 Heathkit phone patch, 20.00
B-1 Heathkit balun kit, 75.00
HM10A Heathkit tunnel dipper, 10.00
HS24 Heathkit speaker, 25.00
Homebrew power supply, 10.00
HM10A Heathkit tunnel dipper, 10.00
Antenna switch, c/w type N connectors, 30.00
SM33 Kenwood hand mike, brand new, 35.00
Old digital clock in bakelite case, 10.00
Phil-mor antique headset, probably 1930’s vintage, negotiable
Ameritron Electronics 3 amp power supply, 10.00
MC35S Kenwood hand mike for TS440S etc., 40.00
Prices negotiable, shipping extra
Most c/w manuals
VE4HK – Dick – – 24/07/07*

PRO520XL Uniden CB radio, 65.00
Unity gain NMO whip, 10.00
Rubber case for ID51 Icom, 20.00
HM174 Icom speaker mike for IC92AD, 50.00
VE4GWB – Garth – – 204-297-2268 – 24/06/23**

SB220 Heathkit amplifier, 10-80 meter coverage, tuned input, excellent condition, original manual, Harbach inrush soft start, Harbach soft key, Harbach PS board, standby switch, custom dust cover, 750.00 firm
VE4XR – George – – 24/06/30*

Estate Sale
TS820 Kenwood, c/w accessories, manual, boxes, no mike, 4 position coax switch, approximately 1978 vintage, 300.00
SM220 Kenwood station monitor, c/w cables, box, manual, 250.00
Shipping extra, prices negotiable,
Fred – – 24/06/23*

FT5DR Yaesu dual band handheld, 3 weeks old, c/w optional rapid charger, factory boxes and packaging, 575.00
VE4XR – George – – 24/06/30*


SP430 Kenwood speaker, 85.00
VE4KU – Dave – – 204-471-9353 – 24/06/16**

RS20A Astron 20 amp power supply, 150.00
Iwatsu 50 MHz oscilloscope, 150.00
VE4ACE – Gerry – – 23/06/23**

FC902 Yaesu antenna tuner, must be in excellent condition
FT707 Yaesu HF transceiver, in working order
VE4XR – George – – 24/06/30*

Any length of direct burial RF (coaxial) cables
VE4AQU – Rick – – 24/06/30**
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