Manitoba Repeater Society 2 Meter Swap and Shop Listings

This page was last received on January 24th, 2020.

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for four weeks, and can be re-listed for a further four weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday

IC271H Icom all mode 2 meter base radio, c/w PIEXX RAM board, needs work 200.00
SP3 Icom speaker, average condition, 60.00
TenTec 238A high power, tuner, c/w manual, 300.00
VE4XR – George – – 19/12/29


IC7000 Icom, c/w 7 inch display screen, remote kit, original hand mike, DTMF mike, all manuals and box, LDG100 matching automatic antenna tuner and cable, 975.00 CDN
IC756PRO Mk II, c/w SM8 desk mike, power cable, all manuals and box, all in new and excellent condition 975.00 CDN
VE4VZ – Rolf – – 19/12/29

IC9100 Icom HF.VHF/UHF D-Star EME Satellite 100 watt base station, c/w programming software, 2500.00
IC-SP25 Icom external speaker, 275.00
IC-PS126 Icom 25 amp power supply, 490.00
Package price for above 3000.00
BY-1 Bencher black iambic keyer, 75.00
IC7100 Icom HF/VHF/UHF transceiver, 750.00
VE4VID – Tedd – – 204-782-7711 – 19/12/29

FT990 Yaesu, (DC model only), c/w Pyramid 30 amp power supply, DVS-2 Yaesu digital recorder, mike, box, manual, free delivery in Winnipeg, Steinbach, Selkirk area, otherwise shipping extra, 550.00
VE4HQQ – Karl – – 204-228-6193 – 19/12/22

2 only CS800D CSI dual band DMR mobile, c/w mike, box, and manual,250.00ea or 450.00 for pair
XPR4550 Motorola UHF DMR mobile, c/w mike, box, and manual, 275.00
VE4NW – Albert – – 204-271-1596 – 19/12/29

Trimble GPS (GPSDO) 10 MHz reference signal, power supply, and external display, 100.00
VE4SW – Stefan – – 19/12/29

SP23 Kenwood external speaker, 50.00
VE4RI – Rand - – 204-330-7360 – 20/01/19


20 amp power supply
VE4DVT – Dave – - 19/12/22

BC348 World War II receiver, good condition, good cosmetics
VE4AY – Don – – 20/01/12

drop in charger for FNB29A Yaesu battery
programming cable for VX800 Vertex
VE4VZ – Rolf – – 19/12/15

FT726R Yaesu in  good working order
VE4SW – Stefan – – 19/12/22

non working(defunct, dead) 19 set, suitable for parting out for front panel tuning dial controls
VE4DTD – David - – 19/12/22

donation of 30 ft RG8X in good condition
VE4HK – Dick – – 204-256-3143 – 19/12/22

UV EPROM eraser
SDR dongle
VE4ACE – Gerry – – 20/01/12

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