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S40A Hallicrafters short wave receiver, 100.00
HQ129X Hammarlund short wave receiver, 150.00
FT208R Yaesu 2 meter handheld, requires battery rebuild, 25.00
VE4AY – Don – – 21/07/11*

KWM2A Collins HF transceiver (winged version), c/w factory manual, AC power supply, 312B-5 station console, external VFO/power meter/ phone patch/speaker/interface cable, photocopied manual for 312B5, large binder of collected data on transceiver and power supply, second owner, sell as package only, will not separate 2500.00
465 Tektronix 100 meg oscilloscope, c/w 1 probe, pouch and display cover, one owner, well maintained, display is bright and in good working order, no service manual, 425.00
H10-30 David Clark aircraft headset, c/w dynamic mike, boom headset, tested, nice condition, 285.00
2 only FRA-7700 Yaesu active antenna systems, factory new in box, c/w telescoping whip, power cable, 65.00 ea
S101 Helper Instrument “Sinader” signal to noise receiver measurement tool, 75.00
1000A Dilectric 50 ohm power meter, similar to Bird 43, c/w PL259 female connectors, clean and tested, no elements, 150.00
LR-16A NPC 12 VDC regulated power supply, up to 20 amps intermittent, working order, 80.00
Shipping extra, will consider reasonable offers
VE4AK – Art – 204-888-0094 – 21/06/27**

BC560XLT Bearcat scanner, no manual, 35.00
UM415 Uniden marine radio, new in box, 200.00
IC-W32A dual band handheld, c/w desk charger, 170.00
100 feet Eupen 1/2 inch hardline coax, rated to 15 KW, 125.00
IC-PS15 Icom 20 amp power supply, 140.00
TR7A Drake HF transceiver, c/w 2.4 KHz CW filter, 6 KHz AM filter, 7077 Drake desk mike, PS7 Drake power supply, P75 Drake phone patch, spare PS75 power supplySP75 Drake speech processor, spare SP75 speech processor (not working), AUX-7 programming board, Drake service manual, excellent condition, 1200.00, 1000.00 w/o power supply, price FIRM.
VE4XR – George – – 21/07/25**

TS440SAT Kenwood HF transceiver, 10-160 meters, c/w original boxes, manuals, brochure, metal carrying case,
MC60 Kenwood desk mike,
HS-5 Kenwood headset
RS35A Astron power supply,
PS-8 VCI, solid state 8 amp power supply,
Archer 1 amp power supply,
Micronta 1 amp power supply,
Homebrew twinlead J-pole antenna
SG7500 Diamond Super Gainer 2 meter/70cm mobile whip, c/w trunk lip mount and coax,
MX72D Diamond duplexer
Hustler 2 meter antenna
Hustler folding mast for resonators for deck or trunk mount
Proam magmount and 2 meter antenna,
Valor magmount and 2 meter antenna
magmount and 70 cm antenna
ANLI hi-flux magmount
High Sierra antenna and antenna control, (homebrew meter and switches)
Homebrew Sierra antenna
Homebrew antenna mount, with adjustable coil,
Following Hustler resonators: RM-15, RM-17, 2 only RM-20, RM-40, RM-80
Following Hustler super resonators: RM-40S, RM-75S,
carrying case capable of carrying most antennas and accessories,
Assortment of whips
rotatable dipole, possibly 20 meters,
various lengths of RG8-U coax cable, some with connectors,
various lengths of RG58-U coax cable, some with connectors,
all coax from indoor locations, so no weathering,
various PL259 connectors, BNC connectors, egg insulators,
RF-1 Autek Research RF analyst,
FC-250 Roadstar frequency counter, c/w manual,
PT340 Palomar tuner/tuner,
DSP-9 Timewave Technology audio noise reduction filter,
M-827 Palomar automatic SWR/power meter,
MFJ207 SWR analyzer, c/w power adaptor,
MFJ204B antenna bridge, will analyze and optimize antenna length,
LP-30 Vectronics low pass filter, 1500 watts maximum
MFJ1702 2 position coax switch
CS201A Diawa 2 position coax switch,
2 antenna switches
homebrew power distribution panel, c/w meters,
large wall clock, uses AA battery,
Audel’s Radioman’s guide, (collectable book), circa 1940’s
vintage morse code key,
pictures available on request,
sell complete only 1250.00 lot price
VE5GW – Greg – – 21/07/18*

FRG7 Yaesu communications receiver, excellent condition, 300.00
TS520 Kenwood SSB/CW HF transceiver, 80-10 meters, new output tubes, working, hand mike, 250.00
Gold Nugget type TV tower, 60 ft., good condition, 100.00
FTDX Yaesu style station speaker, 40.00
2 only12 volt 18 amp hour sealed lead acid batteries, good for emergency use, 20.00 each
Deforest oscilloscope, 2 inch type, vintage 1950, working, good for station monitor, 40.00
DX40 Heathkit transmitter, good working condition, 100.00
JH Bunnel Morse code straight key, 60.00
HQ129 Hamarlund shortwave receiver, working condition, 120.00
VE4AKF – Tony – – 204-807-7277 – 21/07/25*

DJ-MD5TGP Alinco DMR handheld, c/w box and manual, barely used, works perfectly, 150.00
IC78 Icom HF transceiver, c/w automatic antenna tuner, mike, boxes, manual, nearly new, used only a few times, 600.00,
shipping extra,
VA4KAW – – 204-557-4420 – 21/08/01*

TS940S Kenwood HF transceiver, c/w built in antenna tuner, SM220 Kenwood station monitor, SP940 Kenwood speaker, MC60 Kenwood desk mike, original manual, Best offer, Shipping extra
VE4UB – Bill – – 21/06/27*

SA-2040 Heathkit high power antenna tuner c/w balanced output, 250.00, shipping extra
VE4YH – Gary – – 204-941-3398 – 21/07/25*

TK8102H Kenwood UHF only mobile, no mike, no programming software, working when removed from service, 25.00
VE4HAY – Derek – – 21/07/18*

PRO7 Heil headset for Icom radios, such as IC7300, c/w mike, cables, spare ear covers, original box, used only twice, 250.00
shipping extra
VE4KGK – Ken – – 21/07/25**

TH5 Hygain 5 element triband HF beam, on the ground, 250.00
VE4AAE – Ancel – – 204-232-6994 – 21/07/04*

HAM IV rotator c/w control box, direction pot intermittent, 150.00
VE4LS – Lee – – 21/07/18*

parts for universal antenna tuner: one 200-0-200 pfd. cap, 1 only 350 pfd. cap,1 only 28 mH. coil at 28 Mh. turns, the rest on a bypass or thru the tuner, 45.00, shipping extra
VE4ESE – Don – – 204-381-4174 – 21/07/18*

VB28 Hygain 8 element 2 meter beam, 100.00
VE4AAZ – Bill – – 21/07/25*

3 ft TV tripod, 49.99
VE4QK – Dick – – 204-268-5658 – 21/07/25*

RSP DUO dual band tuner SDR receiver
information on Hallicrafters transceivers, such as SR150, or similar vintage, local only
4 or 6 position coax switch, such as MFJ1701 or Alpha Delta
SP23 Icom speaker
small, cheap, TV type rotator
VE4ACE- Gerry – – 21/07/25**

13B2 Boomer Cushcraft 2 meter antennas
VE4XI – Joe – – 204-792-0652 – 21/06/27*

front panel with wrinkle paint for HRO National receiver
coil sets for HRO Sr. National receiver
parts HRO National with wrinkle paint
VE4EE – Roy – – 204-266-0411 – 21/07/11**

medium size rotator, such as CD45 or HAM IV and 50 feet of rotator cable.
VE4ZP – John – -  204-268-1061 – 21/06/20*

small rotator
magnet mount HF antenna c/w 3/8x24 mount
VE4AQU – Rick – – 21/06/27*

microphone only for IC730 Icom HF transceiver
VE4ACA – Don – – 204-298-0135 – 21/07/25*
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