Manitoba Repeater Society 2 Meter Swap and Shop Listings

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for four weeks, and can be re-listed for a further four weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

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FTM-400XDR Yaesu dual band fusion mobile, c/w remote head, manual, 600.00
AA-230 Rigexperts 0.1-230 MHz antenna analyzer c/w Namuk case, needs calibration, 500.00
MFJ1713 SMA mount dual band HH antenna, 10.00
SD1 Jlasba NMO mount dual band short whip, 10.00
1180 Tram NMO mount dual band antenna c/w magnet mount and cable, 60.00
Bag of various USB adaptors and cables, 1.00
3 only sets 3.5 mm to 1/4 inch audio adaptors, 1.00
VE4HAY - Derek - - 22/09/11*

TS590SG Kenwood HF transceiver, c/w desk mike and manual, no box, 1000.00
TL922A Kenwood amplifier, no manual, no box, 1200.00
Prices negotiable, shipping extra
TL922A is pickup only
VE4HK - Dick - - 204-256-3143 - 22/09/11**

SB220 Heathkit amplifier, 1500 watts output, 10-80 meters, c/w Harbach step start, Harbach low voltage key, parasitic suppressors, variable speed fan, standby/operate switch, very nice cosmetic condition, 1050.00 FIRM
IC751A Icom HF transceiver, 9.5 cosmetic condition, works well, but preamp is not working, c/w original box, manual, hand mike, PS15 power supply in mint condition, AT-100 automatic tuner in mint condition, 800.00 OBO
VE4XR - George - - 22/09/11*

HF-2500DX QRO Technologies linear amplifier, used very little, appears to be in good physical condition, ready to go, c/w manual, pictures available on request. Can be picked up in Cavalier, ND, about 90 miles south of Winnipeg, or can meet buyer at a convenient location for both, 1500.00USD or best offer,
WA0YSF - Harold - - 22/09/25*

FT1000D Yaesu, 200 watts, c/w SP5 external speaker, MD100 dynamic mike, DS-2 voice recorder, 1000.00
VE4JBL - Jojo - - 22/09/25*

TS2000 Kenwood transceiver, late serial number, c/w TH-D72 Kenwood handheld, MC60 Kenwood desk mike, standard handheld mike, all manuals, boxes, Sky Command Operational, package deal, or he will split up,  1600.00 OBO
VE4VZ - Rolf - - 22/09/25*

No Listings

Tarheel 400 package antenna, c/w cables, manual controller, MT-1 bracket, MT-4-FB tilt mount for 1-1/4 inch trailer hitch, 3 foot whip, which is good for 40-10 meters, 6 foot whip, which is good for 160-17 meters  Retail price 1200.00 USD., 900.00 CDN
Pick up in Mitchell, MB, or can arrange delivery in Winnipeg.
VA4JP - Jack - - 204-346-1724 - 22/09/05**

PS12KX Pyramid 12 amp power supply, new in box, 120.00
GR1931A General Radio Modulation Monitor, plus GR1932A General Radio distortion analyzer, 1940's vintage, rack mount, 400.00 USD
VE4AY - Don - - 22/09/12**

2 meter 6 element cubic quad antenna, c/w U100 Alliance rotator and control box, no cable,  100.00
VE4AAZ - Bill - - 22/09/18**

51 feet 7/8 Heliax c/w 1 type "N" female connector
VE4AQU - Rick - - 22/09/25**

Wade adjustable wall bracket 18 for mast, 2 piece, both pieces Y shaped for extra support and stability, accepts up to 1-3/4 inch mast, with 18 inch reach from wall to mast 30.00
DX400 Realistic receiver, c/w matching speaker, (1970's vintage), minor wear and tear, otherwise in decent condition and fully functioning, 120.00
VE4DWG - Don - - 204-771-0967 - 22/09/25**

3 element 20 meter monoband beam antenna, no name, good quality, you take down, offers,
VE4TP - Hillel - 22/09/25**

D104 clone desk mike, 80.00 OBO
1549 Drake surge shunt, looks like new, 30.00
VE4IM - - 204-612-7019 - 22/09/12**

NanoVNA, pre-H4, never flashed, holds a charge and works, c/w N and SMA pigtails, short, open and 50 ohm standards. No USB-C cable 40.00*
VE4DL - - 22/09/18*

2 only 3 element 2 meter Sinclabs Yagi antennas, commercial grade, c/w gamma matches, 30.00 ea
1 only 5 element 2 meter Phelps Dodge commercial antenna, 40.00
2 only Comprod 7 element industrial grade Yagi antennas, tuned for 345 MHz, can be adapted for 2 meters, boom diameter 1.5 inch x 70 inch, radiators 3/4 inch diameter, c/w heavy duty 4 inch crossover brackets, 70.00 ea
VE4ESX - Richard - - 22/09/25*

Operator's manual only for TM251A/E/TM451A/E Kenwood mobile, free
VE4KEF - Ken - 204-774-8515 - 22/09/25*

Coax adaptor SMA female to PL259
VA4LMK - Larry - - 22/09/04*

2 only rotators, light duty amateur or heavy duty TV types, will pay freight
VE4ZP - John - - 204-268-1061 - 22/09/25*

TH79A Kenwood handheld
VE4ETC - Brian - - 22/09/25*

SP430 Kenwood speaker, good working order and cosmetically nice,
VE4SI - Tom - - 22/10/02*
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